Installation Solutions


Providing Evidential Imagery at the Best Value
VIT is able to offer a turn-key CCTV solution that includes:

  • Site surveys and camera ‘dead ground’ optimisation
  • CCTV System design and specification services
  • Legacy system refurbishment
    • Maintenance and redeployment of existing cameras (analogue and digital)
    • Maintenance and redeployment of existing DVR and storage
  • Storage optimisation and channel configuration
  • Camera and DVR supply and installation
  • Cable supply, routing and termination

Control Rooms

Offering Situation Awareness and Delivering a Command and Control Capability

The best cameras, DVRs and alarms are useless if their output cannot be effectively monitored and acted upon.

An effective control room means the ability to harness the right information in a timely manner; enabling well-informed decisions. Our team of installation engineers offer:

  • Control Room design, build and fit out
  • Control Room upgrades and refurbishments
  • Control Room furniture (or advice on its procurement)
  • Control Room Equipment

Access Control

System Design, Installation, Configuration and Remote Management

VIT offers the full range of installation and configuration services for all access control options available in the market. We offer a technology independent service that ensures an effective marriage between your CCTV and access control sub-systems.

RFID Tracking

System Design, Installation and Configuration

Our RFID solution integrates seamlessly with our access control systems to protect, log and track assets within your facilities worldwide.


Delivering a Single Uniform Capability

We understand the need for streamlining workflows in a control rooms. Operators rely upon their knowledge of the systems they use and the fewer systems the better. Integrating these systems whether they be access control, alarm systems, CCTV or multiple different camera types ensures ease of operation.


Delivering Capability

The right kit in the right environment operated by the right people is only part of the battle and does not necessarily mean you will achieve an effective capability. All too often equipment is not configured for use correctly and this can lead to system shortcomings at best and total failure at worse. Our team understands your operational environment and no one knows the technology better than we do.


Providing your 24/7 Eyes and Ears

VIT maintains dedicated and redundant back up control rooms offering a wide range of fully and partially automated monitoring services. Our expert operators provide highly responsive remote monitoring and incident management to ensure your system is continually utilised and achieving optimal effect.


Rapid Response and Preventive Maintenance

We offer a range of maintenance contracts supplying varying maintenance cover and including regular preventive maintenance health checks, remote troubleshooting and short notice on site support.