LongView 2

Ultra Long Range Surveillance Solution

6-100x optical zoom

Visibility through fog, rain and snow

0.00003 lux, ultra-low-light performance

VIT - Longview 2 Brochure

Longview 2 - Specifications*

Weight 23kg
Dimensions 660(l) x 450(w) x 660(h)
Lens 1 6 x to 25x zoom (400mm with 25mm objective)
Lens 2 25 x to 100 x zoom (1050mm with 115mm objective)
Weight PAL
Pan Speed Variable Max to 11 degrees per second
Pan Resolution Max 20cm at 1000 metres, minimal stepping

Designed specifically for professional surveillance use, Longview 2 allows targets to be monitored at long distance and tracked using the proportional pan, tilt and zoom system.

This unique capability makes the Longview 2 ideal for such applications as:

  • Perimeter security
  • Border protection
  • Long range target tracking
  • Portable/rapid deployment applications
  • Military and battlefield applications
  • Sea and airport applications

3 Cameras in one, the Longview 2 uses:

  • 540 Line Colour hi-res colour camera 0.1 lux for daytime and well lit areas
  • 0.00003 Lux Ultra-Low-Light camera unit 570 lines TV resolution and night mode 1+2
  • VIT Fog Camera 570 TV lines 0.012 lux, 15db real time contrast correction

The Longview 2 benefits from the following upgraded features:

  • Provision of overview (spotting camera) to simplify long range use
  • IP66 rated housing
  • Improved stepper motor for greater pan and tilt accuracy
  • 3 Camera electronic switching and switching to overview camera
  • 50 Preset positions
  • VIT high resolution control system or integration to Pelco and other telemetry standards
  • Additional space for optional cooling accessories
  • Available in choice of colour finishes and camouflage effects
  • 3 Speed settings on pan and tilt for hi-resolution tracking.

The VIT Controller offers:

  • Colour Screen hi contrast
  • Proportional PTZ control via joystick
  • Fine Tuned Focus Control
  • VIT proprietary hi-res telemetry or Pelco P
  • Preset position and touring modes

The VIT 53 series of ultra-low-light (0.00003 lux) cameras with ‘night mode’ produce unbeatable evidential images in day and night conditions. Developed during the ‘Cold War’ they operate at a sensitivity of over 150 times greater than traditional cameras. We have been supplying these to police and military customers for many years for use in darkened areas and very low light.

*Specifications subject to change due to continuous development and enhancements