Surveillance Products

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Longview 2

LongView 2 Ultra Long Range Surveillance Solution 6-100x optical zoom Visibility through fog, rain and snow 0.00003 lux, ultra-low-light...[more]

Equaliser RDK

LongView 2 EQUALISER RAPID DEPLOYMENT DVR Specifications* Video Format PAL and...[more]


SHARPview GBO Infinity Lens VIT Innovation Limited has been working with the inventor of this technology for the past three years and are now releasing this...[more]


DARKview VIT 52/53 Ultra-Low-Light Cameras Improved surveillance in extreme low light...[more]


FOGview VIT 55 Fog Cameras Superior quality surveillance images Longview 2 - Specifications* CCD...[more]


Miniaturised, Concealed, Low Power Video imagery We offer a range of unique camera technologies and low power solutions with full or partial environmental fabrication. The combination of...[more]

Equaliser DVR

Equaliser DVR Rapid Deployment Digital Video Recorder Optimised for ‘real world’ deployment, our highly effective 4 channel DVR offers a versatile solution to field...[more]

Wireless Transmission Modules

VIT RF Microwave Links VIT originally developed its own miniature RF wireless camera and data links for its covert operations and kits. In the past years VIT has developed a version for one...[more]