VIT Launch New laser Illumination Device

VIT is pleased to announce its launch of the Longview Laser Illuminator. 

Although the Longview 2 long range camera has exceptional low light performance (0.00003 lux) in conditions of total darkness or where targets are fully or partially obscured in extremely poorly lit areas illumination can be required.

The Longview Laser is fully integrated with Longview 2 and offers a fully PTZ controllable laser with adjustable beam width and variable power.

PTZ, Adjustable Beam With and Variable Power

 The Laser is attached to the side of the Longview and will follow the movements of the camera.  Additionally, the laser beam can be moved (pan and tilt) using the joystick within a fixed field of view of the camera.  With an adjustable beam width (diameter) operators have the flexibility to illuminate the full field of view or to define a specific search area in the FoV.  Once a target is identified the operator has the ability to increase or decrease the power of the laser (0.5W to 20W) ensuring that optimum illumination for the given range and zoom level.  


For more information, please contact:

Tom Knowles Jackson
Sales Director

VIT Security Group
Tel: 01992 535814

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