22nd October 2012

Despite the staggering capability of the Longview 2 ultra low-light camera in
darkness as low as 0.00003 Lux, in conditions of total darkness some
illumination may be necessary. For this reason VIT have developed a laser
illumination option.
The Laser is fully integrated with the Longview 2 and controllable via a simple Pelco-style
joystick controller.
Fully configurable for the environment or operational requirement, the laser is zeroed to
the camera and auto adjusts to the camera's zoom threshold to offer optimum light on
the subject.
Key Features:
•   Power - 2W to 24W
•   Range - 100m to 30km
•   Fibre optic link between the laser generator and the optic
•   Variable zoom with bespoke laser collimator
•   Operates in the infra red spectrum
With this new laser illuminator we are delighted to be able to offer extended capability
in no-light conditions. With the ability to configure the laser power and focus for the
environment and by giving he operator the means to change these settings locally, we
are confident in being able to offer evidential quality images in the broadest possible
range of lighting conditions.

Case Study-RCMP